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Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

(no subject)

December 27th, 2005 (12:14 pm)

I have sad news for those of you that liked reading my LJ. I'm moving! My new blog is headquartered here:


please feel free to visit and drop a line once and a while. I'll continue to Jaywalker and complain about the weather, just in a bit more style. Here's looking forward to 2006!


Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

(no subject)

December 22nd, 2005 (02:06 pm)

I'm probably not going to update again before Christmas, so this post will have to suffice. I'm about an inch away from the toe on Sock1 of Jaywalkers2. They're on hold right now because I've been very tired and nauseous from some flu bug. My mom's still getting a present for Christmas, but the socks are just going to have to wait right now.

Here's my ever-growing list of things to make in 2006:

-A hooded sweatshirt (preferably with a small intarsia design somewhere on it, thumb gussets, and a cable up the back of the hood)
-Knee-high athletic socks in Harry Potter colors (I'm a sucker for the color-combinations for Ravenclaw and Slytherin, what can I say?)
-Ravenclaw scarf in movie colors for a friend
-At LEAST 2 pairs of Jaywalker socks for myself in BMFA STR
-Houndstooth or tweed-inspired cowl-glove-hat combination for my older sister
-Clapotis (whoa, did that just come out???)
-A lace lap blanket/house shawl for my Tante, since the River shawl fell through
-Probably a cardigan or pullover for myself
-Some amigurumi-inspired knitted toys

-A couple of sun dresses
-Some rocking-awesome skirts
-Blouses in nice colors
-2 quilts: one simple patchwork out of the silk ties I scrounged at The Bins (the Goodwill in Milwaukee, OR that sells clothing for $1.29 BY THE POUND), one Denise Schmidt quilt
-laptop travel case
-a couple of handbags

PHEW! Do you think my list is long enough? Actually, I think it's a pretty reasonable list for what I'm capable of doing in a a year. Hopefully I'll get it all done, as opposed to my last-minute knitting this year! I should mention that I have the Jaywalkers for my mum AND her vest left to do, but those projects I don't even really want to think about at this moment.

Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

Wouldn'tya know

December 21st, 2005 (10:37 am)

I got sick and I haven't finished the first sock yet. I'm about 4 inches away from the end, which sounds like a lot but my mum actually has gigantic feet so really it's quite far along in the foot. There's no hope for finishing the pair before Christmas, but I might have one of the two socks to hang by the chimney with care on the 24th. I also frogged my mum's vest because the proportions were all off and in order to make it work I would have had to steek and do all sorts of crazy to it. I think knitting a seamless vest will look a lot better, and I'll be happier with the finished product in the end.

Now I have to go help my mum with pruning roses in the front yard. In the rain. It's 40 degrees outside. BAH.

Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]


December 18th, 2005 (03:03 pm)

I've turned the heel of Jaywalker 2.0, Sock 1. Hoping to get through the heel gusset decreases by tonight, and just have a foot and toe to finish up tomorrow. That way, I'll have a week to knit up Sock 2.

Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]


December 18th, 2005 (11:02 am)

- 1.5 skeins of Noro Kureyon in a blue-green colorway (disconitnued). Enough to make a hat and scarf
- 1 skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock (superwash merino) in the Ruby Slippers colorway (my icon)
- 2 skeins of Rowan Kid Silk Haze in a lavender/purple Kidsilk Haze
- 3 skeins Rowan 4-ply tweed in a Maroon (discontinued): enough for a scarf and hat [the color is more red than this: Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply, but this is a rough approximation]
- Rowan Cotton Tape pattern book

I don't have a photo of the Noro, but imagine, if you will: Blue, Green, Brown and Purple. In that order. I've got about one and three-quarters of a skein, which is plenty.

As of now, I have two solicitations for the BMFA, but nothing for the others. I'm open to most trades.

Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

Stash Lightening

December 17th, 2005 (04:56 pm)

Want some? I'll take cash or trade. I think y'all know my tastes. Best Offer wins:

- 1.5 skeins of Noro Kureyon in a blue-green colorway (disconitnued). Enough to make a hat and scarf
- 1 skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock (superwash merino) in the Ruby Slippers colorway (my icon)
- 2 skeins of Rowan Kid Silk Haze in a lavender/purple (discontinued): enough to make the tank Butterfly or a small shawl
- 3 skeins Rowan 4-ply tweed in a Maroon (discontinued): enough for a scarf and hat
- Rowan Cotton Tape pattern book

I'll post pictures later. Post a comment with your email address or email me (nodda_stauder@hotmail.com)

Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

(no subject)

December 16th, 2005 (02:13 pm)


In the words of Paris Hilton: that's hot.

Truly sexy socks.

Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

Currently Stealing My Attention Away From Knitting...

December 15th, 2005 (08:50 pm)

I'm really into Sudoku right now. You may have heard it mentioned on NPR or in the pages of the NY Times. It's been published in my local newspaper for a little over a month but I've never really paid attention until my sister showed me an online version. Now I'm hooked. My fastest time is 9 minutes. You can play it online too: www.miniclip.com
The link for it is at the bottom of the page on the lefthand side.

Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

(no subject)

December 15th, 2005 (09:45 am)

I think that during my academic hiatus that my knitting speed has improved, but it certainly isn't anything to be proud of. I'm by no means a new knitter, but, looking around on the web at people's blogs, it appears that everyone just pukes up a skein of yarn and it magically turns into a knitted garment. Perhaps I should really focus on the knitting and less on other things.

Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

[Wednesday] Update

December 14th, 2005 (10:27 am)
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Feeling: knitty
Singing: Idlewild

I suppose I shall begin this informal (and late) Monday Update with a Christmas Knitting Update:
Xmas Update

So Jaywalkers 2.0 have been pooling so horrendously that I've frogged them back to the ribbed cuff and I'm going to alternate between two skeins of STR. Hopefully this will give me awesome socks the likes of which can be seen over at www.januaryone.com

Below is a photo of my little sister enjoying her new Candy Stripe scarf:
Bobo&apos;s scarf
Pattern: Candy Stripe Scarf (by me!)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan (1) White, (1) Pink
Needles: US8s, straight pieces of crap (never buy needles from Michaels. EVER)
Size: Roughly 4 inches wide by 5 feet long, give or take. The stipes are 4 inches a piece
Notes: Uhhh, I made the pattern myself!

She's not looking at the camera because she's very sick (the flu and whatnot) and doesn't look so good. Nevertheless, you get the picture, right?

So I'm down to my last 2 knitting projects before christmas. The two secret projects are waiting until after the 25th or thereabouts. I'm hoping to get half a Jaywalker done by tonight so that the pair is done before the weekend. Then I can spend all of next week focusing on my mother's damned vest. *mumble mumble* never knitting for her again *mumblemumble*

Also been thinking about the afghan. I'm taking that and a quilt to college, so I'd better make it nice and durable. Instead of using Barbara Walker's 52 afghan squares, I'm going to make up my own from her 1st and 2nd Treasury books (many thanks to my Aunt for getting me those for Christmas last year!). The plan is to have roughly 40 squares of yet-to-be determined size, and then work on roughly one every week or so in a different yarn. The plan is to make this part stash-busting project, part Renata's Amazing Technicolor Afhgan. Bleh. I hate the word Afghan*. Can I just call it a blanket?

So a new feature to the blog starting in January will be the "Square a Week" post. I know you're all going to get really fed up with me after about 6 weeks of that, so I'll try to make it interesting. Somehow.


* Not that I hate Afghanistan or anything, but the word Afghan reminds me of those horrible acryllic nightmares that don't provide any warmth or happiness, and usually shed like crazy and get little particles of unnatural wool under your fingernails (which hurts like a bitch).

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