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Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

Wouldn'tya know

December 21st, 2005 (10:37 am)

I got sick and I haven't finished the first sock yet. I'm about 4 inches away from the end, which sounds like a lot but my mum actually has gigantic feet so really it's quite far along in the foot. There's no hope for finishing the pair before Christmas, but I might have one of the two socks to hang by the chimney with care on the 24th. I also frogged my mum's vest because the proportions were all off and in order to make it work I would have had to steek and do all sorts of crazy to it. I think knitting a seamless vest will look a lot better, and I'll be happier with the finished product in the end.

Now I have to go help my mum with pruning roses in the front yard. In the rain. It's 40 degrees outside. BAH.