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Renata "Good Egg" Stauder [userpic]

December 22nd, 2005 (02:06 pm)

I'm probably not going to update again before Christmas, so this post will have to suffice. I'm about an inch away from the toe on Sock1 of Jaywalkers2. They're on hold right now because I've been very tired and nauseous from some flu bug. My mom's still getting a present for Christmas, but the socks are just going to have to wait right now.

Here's my ever-growing list of things to make in 2006:

-A hooded sweatshirt (preferably with a small intarsia design somewhere on it, thumb gussets, and a cable up the back of the hood)
-Knee-high athletic socks in Harry Potter colors (I'm a sucker for the color-combinations for Ravenclaw and Slytherin, what can I say?)
-Ravenclaw scarf in movie colors for a friend
-At LEAST 2 pairs of Jaywalker socks for myself in BMFA STR
-Houndstooth or tweed-inspired cowl-glove-hat combination for my older sister
-Clapotis (whoa, did that just come out???)
-A lace lap blanket/house shawl for my Tante, since the River shawl fell through
-Probably a cardigan or pullover for myself
-Some amigurumi-inspired knitted toys

-A couple of sun dresses
-Some rocking-awesome skirts
-Blouses in nice colors
-2 quilts: one simple patchwork out of the silk ties I scrounged at The Bins (the Goodwill in Milwaukee, OR that sells clothing for $1.29 BY THE POUND), one Denise Schmidt quilt
-laptop travel case
-a couple of handbags

PHEW! Do you think my list is long enough? Actually, I think it's a pretty reasonable list for what I'm capable of doing in a a year. Hopefully I'll get it all done, as opposed to my last-minute knitting this year! I should mention that I have the Jaywalkers for my mum AND her vest left to do, but those projects I don't even really want to think about at this moment.