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Good Egg

Knitting, Crafting, Reading, and General Hysteria

Renata "Good Egg" Stauder
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Welcome to my ramblings. A short while ago my older sister told me to pay closer attention to my crafts because, if I was to take any lessons from the Regency period, it's important to cook, embroider, knit and sew with some expediency. Since I cannot play the piano forté or sing or even watercolor, I do the other activities with some zeal. I also read great amounts for pleasure, starting with a 150-title list that I'm working through. Hopefully I'll finish the list before I die.

This is my blog where I track my exploits in self indulged crafting and reading for self improvement.

However, if my loquacious writings pique your interest more than is suggested, you can also read about my daily emotional rollercoaster over at anarchistinde.